Calls to the support line are routed to the technicians according to the parameters of service contracts from the information system and standby schedule. The customer is led through the process by a comprehensible customized IVR (interactive voice response).

Software for dispatch terminal which dispatchers of SŽDC use to control rail transport in Czech Republic. Our software assists in uniting voice communication channels and communicating in accordance with regulations.

Licensed all core OptimSys technology to integrate with their own telecommunication platform BroadWorks.

We delivered modern and easy to control solution. Increased customer convenience and business results.

We arranged the transfer of phone numbers to an alternative phone service provider, which has resulted in a significant reduction in the call expenses.

We deployed virtual PBX system and set it up according to the requirements. Resulted in overall reduction of monthly expenses by over 60%.

Virtual PBX system for call centrum which enables the company to perform flexible call routing.

The company KORDEX spol. s r.o. deals with extrajudicial debt collection and debt management. It specializes in dealing with leasing and credit claims, including the seizure of the subject of financing.

Our phone system Optimcall was deployed. Resulted in easier work for operators and improved business results.

We centralized the reception of customer calls and ensured their recording and overview. A system for automated SMS sending for incoming calls that were not handled was also put in place.

We deployed our system OptimCall as a service running on OptimSys servers. Increased customer satisfaction with the level of provided customer care and operators can work from home.

We provided a virtual PBX system for municipal office and school in Sivice. Resulted in overall reduction of monthly fees for landlines and calls by 50%.

We have implemented the OptimCall system to manage calls on the customer support line. The customer does not use landline phones, all calls are routed to mobile phones.

The company has acquired affordable and feature-rich PBX system. It can easily manage calls on the main line and support line.

Improved phone processes and work efficiency of customer care team, as well as customer convenience, thanks to the phone system OptimCall.

Thanks to a well-thought-out call handling system, one dispatcher can handle up to twice as many customers as before deploying our system.

Alctel delivers voice communication solutions to corporate customers such as Banco Alfa or Canon. To do so, it uses products of Alcatel-Lucent and OptimSys.

OptimSys platform OptimCall with Czech speech synthesis is used in the system TouchGuard to automate emergency calls.

Provided technology and cooperated on the development of an emergency information and contact system with Czech speech synthesizer. The system ensures communication in an emergency situation. KISS is also in the official O2 offer.

We provided the technology and created a prototype of a voice core using Czech speech synthesis for the product “Mobilní radio“ (Mobile radio broadcast). It combines bulk SMS messages, voice messages, emails and more in a single intuitive interface.

We have provided technology and know-how for the voice part of the infoline with traffic information. One of the first commercial systems in the Czech Republic using speech synthesis and recognition.

Intensive training on VoiceXML and CCXML standards and their use for the staff of voice applications and technologies department.


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