Sales, installation and servicing of medical diagnostic imaging systems from Toshiba.

Initial situation in the company

Landline phone numbers from O2.


  • Create a service line solution to keep service level according to Service Contracts (SLAs) and check compliance.
  • Record all calls made to the service line.
  • IVR with set-up that differs for work hours and off-hours and also according to the terms of service contract of the particular customer that is calling.
  • Routing to the technician assigned to the particular customer or the technician that is on a standby for the given type of medical device.
  • Possibility of flexible changes in call routing according to the standby schedule.


We have deployed the OptimCall phone system as a service on OptimSys’ servers to operate the customer support line. Due to technicalities, we arranged transfer of the support line phone number to an alternative phone service provider. The customer uses landline phones as little as possible, most calls to the customer support line are routed to mobile phones of respective employees.
As part of the implementation, we created a custom-built IVR based on customer’s data, whose branching is controlled by the data from the customer’s information system. During a prototype test deployment, the customer clarified his needs and refined and modified his requirements. Accordingly, we did not only make changes to the IVR, but also made some adjustments to the OptimCall system.


  • Central reception of customer calls
  • Records and controls over service level compliance
  • Easily understandable IVR guiding the customer through the process of authentication and subsequent call routing.
  • Possibility of flexible changes in call routing according to the standby schedule.


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