Voice dispatch systems

Effective communication

Fast and clear communication with employees working in the field via all networks. Increase performance, reduce idle times.

Reduction of mistakes

The system will simplify work and reduce the risk of dispatcher mistakes during high workloads.

Automation of communication

Automating emergency communication saves time and helps reducing economic damage and protecting health.

Communication logs

At any given time, you can find a specific communication log and listen to the recording, including communication over the radio network.

Key advantages

Solutions for industry and specialized workplaces

Communication across different networks

Easy to use dispatch terminal

Dispatcher support in emergency situations

Process evaluation thanks to recording

Our solutions are used by

Thanks to a well-thought-out call handling system, one dispatcher can handle up to twice as many customers as before deploying our system.

Installation of custom made touch interface for dispatching according to the customer needs. We increased efficiency and comfort of dispatchers.

Software for dispatch terminal which dispatchers of SŽDC use to control rail transport in Czech Republic. Our software assists in uniting voice communication channels and communicating in accordance with regulations.

Communication across different communication networks

We support:

  • Landlines
  • Cellular networks
  • Radio networks
  • GSM-R (railway GSM)
  • Public address system
  • Field telephones

Touch terminal

The Touch Dispatch Terminal provides a clear and user-friendly interface to work with all communication channels in a unified fashion. It provides the dispatcher with an overview of ongoing communications, allows to switch between individual calls and enables determination of communication priorities.

The dispatch system may have pre-established procedures for communication in certain situations, particularly emergency situations.

Calls to a role

When solving a particular issue, you often do not want to call a specific person but rather a specific role, such as the electric maintenance. This role at the given moment is taken care of by the worker according to the workshifts schedule.

Emergency communication and automation solutions

Running pre-recorded automatic communication scenarios increases the efficiency of emergency communication, saves time and prevents dispatcher mistakes during high workloads and in stressful situations. This reduces economic losses and improves occupational safety and health.

Communication recording

You can record and archive all communication.[, including communication via radio networks] It is also possible to record radio networks. This will enable retroactive revisions and ensure demonstrability. Thanks to recording, you can evaluate and optimize how to deal with specific situations.


The dispatcher terminal can also provide information about alarms coming from third party devices and systems. These alarms must be confirmed by an operator. Following the alarm, automatic communication scenarios can be triggered to deliver a message or call together a team.


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