Emergency communication

Sending voice messages

Automatic calls and notifications to responsible staff or people with the ability to process a response.

Call your teams together automatically

In case of emergency, the system automatically calls together a group of people that can deal with the problem. Unlike a person, the system calls everyone at the same time.

Emergency prompts

You can easily put a message on a line informing about an outage and its solution to help handle the surge of incoming calls.

Personalized prompts

Thanks to speech synthesis, you can create personalized prompts while the system is running. No need to statically record everything in advance.

Key advantages

Quick and efficient solution for emergency communication

Prevention of organizational chaos

Save time thanks to automation of communication

Reports of automated calls, alerts and sent voice messages

Calls to a role

Our solutions are used by

OptimSys platform OptimCall with Czech speech synthesis is used in the system TouchGuard to automate emergency calls.

Provided technology and cooperated on the development of an emergency information and contact system with Czech speech synthesizer. The system ensures communication in an emergency situation. KISS is also in the official O2 offer.

We provided the technology and created a prototype of a voice core using Czech speech synthesis for the product “Mobilní radio“ (Mobile radio broadcast). It combines bulk SMS messages, voice messages, emails and more in a single intuitive interface.

Efficient solution for emergency communication

We specialize in the organization and automation of communication, which will help you better manage the emergency situations and optimize their solutions. In the event of an emergency situation, its solution can be retrospectively analyzed on the basis of communication recordings. We can integrate our solution with your information system. You will have access to address book, breakdown of work shifts, or information about dangerous substances in a particular object or room. Thanks to this information, you can optimize your emergency plan to ensure faster and more effective emergency communication management.

Emergency prompts and speech synthesis

Thanks to speech synthesis, you will be able to get personalized and up-to-date information from your information system based on the current data. It is not necessary to statically load everything in advance.

Call your teams together automatically

In case of emergency, the system can automatically call a group of people that can deal with the problem. Each of them has the ability to respond whether he/she can attend via tone dialing. Team selection can be linked to a work shift schedule.

Alerts and voice messages distribution

The system automatically calls and informs responsible staff or population. Unlike SMS distribution, when sending voice messages, the system knows if the recipient has been reached and has heard the whole message. Answers can be entered using either tone dialing or speech recognition. Unlike a human, the system can handle hundreds of calls at the same time, with the limitation being the capacity of the telephone connection.

Automatic response to alarms

The system automatically responds when an alarm goes off and immediately begins to call the responsible staff. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the responsible person has received the message. The system is connected to EZS, EPS and other sensors.

Call recording

Record your calls and review important information whenever you need. Recorded information from calls can help you optimize the emergency plan.


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