PBX systems

Cover all the communication needs of your company.

Call centers

Get a new or bring up-to-date your existing call center.

Voice dispatch systems

Create order in the communication with your employees working in the field.

Telephonic customer care

You will have tools for high-quality and professional customer care.

Sales and telemarketing

Wholly focus on sales.

Emergency communication

Prevent organizational chaos and automate processes.

We create affordable and effective communication solutions built on our own products, which we will gladly customize or integrate for you. Our solutions are built using open standards and work with any PBX system.

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Our solutions

PBX systems

Gain advanced functions for controlling and processing calls, automation, user friendly interface and simple administration of phone system.

Call centers

Increase efficiency of your business thanks to thoroughly designed tools. Meaningful statistics and reports will provide you with the right information needed for planning, optimizing and decision making. More information.

Telephonic customer care

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty thanks to our system. Integrating calls with your CRM or help desk system provides your employees with the necessary information about callers and ensures substitutability between employees.

Voice dispatch systems

Dispatch system streamlines communication with employees working in the field using phone, mobile and radio networks. More information.

Emergency communication

Save valuable time by automating which allows for necessary emergency situation solving with sufficient manpower. You will also be able to send alerts.

Využíváme moderní technologie
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Bulk SMS
Business Boosting

We leverage modern technologies

Our products are built on modern software technologies and architectures. We are leveraging speech synthesis, voice biometrics and voice recognition.

Our solutions are used by

Intensive training on VoiceXML and CCXML standards and their use for the staff of voice applications and technologies department.

Licensed all core OptimSys technology to integrate with their own telecommunication platform BroadWorks.

Software for dispatch terminal which dispatchers of SŽDC use to control rail transport in Czech Republic. Our software assists in uniting voice communication channels and communicating in accordance with regulations.

Our phone system Optimcall was deployed. Resulted in easier work for operators and improved business results.

IVR systems using speech synthesis and voice recognition.

We deployed our system OptimCall as a service running on OptimSys servers. Increased customer satisfaction with the level of provided customer care and operators can work from home.

We delivered modern and easy to control solution. Increased customer convenience and business results.

Virtual PBX system for call centrum which enables the company to perform flexible call routing.


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