M&M reality holding

The company deals in mediation of real estate sales, property rental and administration and real estate legal and financial counseling.

Initial situation in the company

An obsolete Siemens PBX system was complemented by an Asterisk VoIP PBX in order to function as a call center. Any changes in settings were possible only through changes in the configuration files. The service provider for the Asterisk PBX did not communicate and was providing unsatisfactory service.


  • Ability to expand the capacity and add branches
  • Generate statistics such as operator workload, average call duration or waiting time
  • Possibility for ordinary user to change settings
  • Call recording


Instead of both existing PBX systems, we deployed our OptimCall phone system and set it according to the customer requirements. We also customized it per customer requests. The solution is running on customer’s infrastructure. Migration to the new solution was done gradually in parts, without interrupting the phone traffic.


  • Simpler work for operators: Operators see and control everything from their computer using a web browser
  • Improved business results: Operators serve 100% of customers. They answer a call or call back missed call numbers from an intelligible
  • Improved customer satisfaction: If a client calls the customer line repeatedly, the system preferentially connects to the operator whom the client has previously spoken with. Therefore, the customer does not have to repeat everything to another person.
  • Possibility of optimization: Call center managers got statistics which enable them to optimize the traffic.
  • Flexibility: Call center managers can easily change settings via a web browser. The solution is ready for integration with the customer’s information
  • Good service


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