About Us

Efficient communication solutions

We have been creating affordable and effective communication solutions built on our own products since 2004, which we will gladly modify or integrate for you. If your competetive advantage lies in unique processes, we can even develop completely new system for you. We can integrate calls with your information system. We will simplify the process of managing, measuring, supervising and optimizing and also change calling in your company to a tool for your growth.

For each customer, we first consider the current state and, based on that, design appropriate solution. Our solution can be provided as a service or installed on premise. If possible, we use your current PBX system, telephones and any other hardware. We do not require or force you to change your existing infrastructure or telephone operator.

We provide PBX systems and communication solutions for

  • Call centers
  • Dispatch centers
  • Customer lines
  • Telemarketing campaigns
  • Sales
  • Emergency communication

We leverage modern technologies

We build on modern software technologies and architectures. Our systems typically have a fully interactive web-based user interface and might also have accompanying mobile applications. Our solutions are based on the technologies of open standards CCXML, VoiceXML, SIP, HTTP (S) and others.

In our solutions, we also use speech synthesis, voice biometrics, speech recognition, keyword recognition and speech-to-text transcription.

Affordable solutions

With us, you do not pay anything extra. Pay only for what you really use. If you are interested, we can arrange a transfer to a preferential phone service provider for you and thus reduce your call expenses. Our priority is to provide you an efficient and affordable communication system.

We operate globally

Besides the Czech Republic, we also operate abroad. Among our customers are companies from Australia, Brazil, USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.


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