Used car dealer, car service, gas stations

Initial situation in the company

The company was satisfied with the PBX system and analog phones. A change to VoIP was not a possibility because it was too expensive and inefficient to deploy computer network everywhere. The company was using a call center system from competitor’s company to operate its customer support line. The call center was operated separately, without any connection to their PBX system. It was not even possible to transfer calls. Unsatisfactory service from the call center provider.


  • solution for operating the customer care line which would be connected with the rest of the phone infrastructure
  • preservation of the existing 2N PBX system
  • call recording


We used phone system OptimCall to operate the customer care line, connected it to the existing 2N PBX system and configured it according to the customer’s requirements. On request, we added the possibility of sending SMS via GSM modules of the 2N PBX system. The solution runs on the customer’s infrastructure. Migration to the new solution was done without interrupting the phone traffic. As the customer grows, we are gradually expanding the internal phone network to VoIP technology.


The company has acquired a modern and easy-to-use solution which suits its needs at minimal costs. There was no need to change the connection to the public phone network or the phone infrastructure inside the company. The current phone hardware was used to it’s full potential, including phones and GSM modules of the 2N PBX system. As a result, there has been an increase in satisfied customers and overall improvement in business results. Everything is controlled via a web browser and nothing had to be installed on workers’ computers.


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