AŽD Praha

A significant Czech supplier and manufacturer of security, telecommunication, information and automation technology, especially focused on rail and road transport.

Initial situation in the company

In 2008, AŽD Praha entered into a strategic partnership with DCom Ltd. and immediately commissioned DCom to develop, produce and endorse an entirely new integrated dispatch system for the railroad environment that will cover all the voice communication needs of driving and organizing rail transport.


The dispatch system Radiovoice3 (RV3) integrates all of the voice services used in railway transport:

  • PBX systems
  • GSM and GSM-R
  • Radio networks
  • Public address systems
  • Field phones

Dispatchers use the dispatch terminal TOP, through which they can simultaneously share and use the connected communication devices, communicate with each other and stand in for each other.

The course of cooperation

For the implementation of the dispatch terminal TOP, DCom has chosen OptimSys, which has already been developing the necessary advanced technologies for voice communication and has a team of high-quality software developers. Initial intensive development in 2009 was followed by a verifying operation and then approval of the system by SŽDC in 2010. However, the integrated dispatch system RV3 is still being developed and partnership continues to this day.

Using the system

The RV3 system is used not only in the railway transport, but also in large transport and industry companies, as well as in the state administration.


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