TOP1 Service Group

Taxi service

Initial situation in the company

One dispatcher was using 4 phones (two to communicate with customers of two services, the other two to communicate with drivers). The phones were completely independent and therefore several of them could ring at the same time. Operating in such circumstances was very inconvenient.


Find a more logical solution, better suited better suited for the way TOP1 Taxi dispatching works.


We have deployed the OptimCall phone system with a number of custom adjustments. The dispatcher uses only one phone to handle all incoming calls on both services as well as to communicate with the drivers. The system controls the calls in such a way that the dispatcher serves the maximum number of incoming calls from customers, while at the same time it also ensures that the dispatcher is able to make outbound calls to drivers and customers even during the peaks when there is a permanent stream of incoming calls, and therefore is able to handle orders which are in-process.
All call control is done automatically so that the dispatcher does not need to control calls in the OptimCall interface. The system ensures that there are no concurrent calls because the dispatcher wouldn’t be able to handle that.


Thanks to the well-thought-out call-handling system, one dispatcher can handle up to twice as many customers as before deploying our solution.

Sizeable increase in call comfort for dispatchers. The dispatcher uses only one phone and can therefore use a very comfortable wireless headset. Only one call can ring at the same time.


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