The company Raynet, Ltd., is the author and provider of a cloud CRM system.

Initial situation in the company

  • Centralized support line
  • Hosted phone solution with a simple call center module


Optimize phone solution for processes, not processes to the possibilities of phone solutions. Customer support staff must control everything from RAYNET CRM without having to enter the web interface of the phone system.

Integration with RAYNET CRM:

  • Call routing to the support worker who is in charge of the caller
  • Popup window with information about the caller
  • Click to call
  • Information about unhandled calls
  • Enable logging in and out for customer support operators
  • Possibility of further development of integration (sending SMS, call recording on mobile phones, etc.)


We deployed the OptimCall telephone system as a service on OptimSys’ servers to operate the customer support line. To connect the system to the public phone network, we used the existing VoIP connection of the customer. In collaboration with RAYNET, we integrated OptimCall and RAYNET CRM (RAYNET on the RAYNET CRM side, OptimSys on the OptimCall side) according to the requirements stated above.


  • Improvement of customer support phone processes
  • Streamlined the work of the customer support team
    • Call records are automatically saved to the CRM
    • Possibility to create a new business case or write a call report by one click
    • The support worker immediately sees who is calling, what was previously solved with the caller, etc.
  • Increased customer comfort
    • The customer is preferentially connected to “his/her” support person
    • The customer gets a feeling of uniqueness – the support worker sees who is calling and can greet the customer by a name

Special features

Call routing to a support worker who is in charge of the caller does not direct the call only to one designated worker but works with a list of best options. Therefore, if the highest priority worker is not available, the system selects the second best option, etc.


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