Development of speech processing technologies.

Initial situation in the company

The company had their own VoIP number for the main line, most traffic via mobile phones.


  • Build an internal VoIP phone network at the company’s new establishment
  • Connect to the public phone network through the phone service provider chosen by the company
  • User-friendly call control tool on the main line and support line
  • The possibility of integrating calls into the company’s internal information systems in the future


We deployed phone system OptimCall on premise and set it according to the customer’s requirements. We connected the system to the public phone network via the phone service provider selected by our customer. We also did consultations with the customer and collaborated in building an internal VoIP phone network. Phone sets were supplied by the company from their own supplier, after consulting with us.


The company has acquired affordable and feature-rich PBX system. It can simply control calls on the main line and support line. Acquiring modern PBX opened the door to leveraging many other advanced features in the future.


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