Technology licensing

Versatile application platform

We leverage modern technologies

We adhere to the modern trends and create the transition between IT and the world of traditional telecommunications. Our platform allows developers to work with common modern IT formats and protocols. It shields developers from specifics of particular telecommunication infrastructure.

No need for low-level programming

Our solution autonomously executes scenarios involving voice communication, telephony and speech processing. Applications are developed using high-level and standardized programming langauges. The platform autonomously executes complex scenarios, the calling application only starts the relevant scenario and retrieves the results.

Leveraging of speech technologies

  • Speech synthesis
  • Speech recognition
  • Voice biometrics
  • Development on the platform you are used to
  • Supports both Windows and Linux
  • Choice between two operating systems

Save time

  • Short time to market
  • We offer ready-to-use building blocks
  • Short cycles for prototypes delivery
  • We respond quickly to customer requests


  • Independent of any particular PBX system
  • Deployment into any telephony environment without modifications
  • Independent of any particular telephone service provider
  • The partners are able to create and manage the application by themselves


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