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OptimSys focuses on work with voice communication. Our software technologies and solutions address communication needs of call centers, companies, sales and support teams and dispatchers. OptimSys successfully serves customers on four continents.

We are looking for partners worldwide to implement and integrate our technologies, products and solutions:

  • system integrators
  • telecommunication service providers
  • telecommunication device manufacturers and providers
  • manufacturers and providers of information systems (CRM, help desks), call center solutions, dispatch systems etc.

We cover in particular the following areas:

Technology Licensing

Do not start from scratch when creating your own applications and solutions. OptimSys' portfolio of technologies covering the area of telephony and voice communication can make your way substantially faster and easier.

Read more: Technology Licensing

Custom Software Development

Do you have specific needs? We create a custom-tailored solution for you. We make not only communication software but also any other interesting software. Our custom development services have used customers from the Czech Republic, U.S.A. and Western Europe.

Read more: Custom Software Development

Speech Technologies

Text-to-speech, speech recognition, voice biometry, keyword spotting, speech-to-text transcription and more. Are they suitable for your project? We help you to make the right decision.

Read more: Speech Technologies

Voice Broadcasting

Do not waste time of your staff and use automatic voice broadcasting. Distribute efficiently alerts and information to many recipients simultaneously. The message can be pre-recorded or generated for each person individually using text-to-speech.

Read more: Voice Broadcasting

Voice Self Service (IVR)

Be available to your customers and business partners also in the time when the line is unattended. Reduce the workload of your team and get automatically information from the user before the call is connected.

Read more: Voice Self Service (IVR)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Make voice communication a part of your business processes and integrate calling with your information systems. Measure, optimize and control marketing, sales and customer support calls.

Read more: Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Intelligent Call Routing

Route calls to competent people, regardless of where they are. Do not miss business opportunities. Handle all calls in a way that satisfies the caller. Gain enough time for work and do not let yourself to be disturbed at improper time.

Read more: Intelligent Call Routing

Call Recording

Your calls contain useful and important information worth of being kept. You can return back to the information as needed. You can easily find a call according to various criteria in your call archive, or you can search for information using speech technologies. We can even record the communication in radio networks.

Read more: Call Recording

Voice Dispatch Systems

Do not let disorganized and insufficiently managed communication decrease the efficiency, performance and quality in your business! The central voice dispatching streamlines communication with employees in the field and reduces their dealys.

Read more: Voice Dispatch Systems

Business Telephony Solutions

Organize calling in your company according to your needs. We help you to set up processes for marketing, sales and service calls. Get the necessary tools without changing your PBX.

Read more: Business Telephony Solutions

Additional information
  • OptimSys provided BroadSoft with excellent software and we have an on-going business relationship for over 7 years now. I recommend OptimSys as an excellent business partner.

    Stephane Bastien, Manager, Media Services Development, BroadSoft Inc.

  • OptimSys implemented business telephone system OptimCall in our company and integrated telephony with our help desk. The solution increased quality of our support, increased user's comfort and provided control over our phone communication.

    Ing. Vladimír Matoušek, CTO, ODP – software, spol. s r.o.

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