About OptimSys

OptimSys develops and provides technologies and solutions for call centers, business telephony systems and voice dispatch centers. We help companies with streamling and innovating communication processes in the area of telephone customer care, sales and telemarketing, company internal communication and dispatch communication.


Our vision: Working with voice communication should be as natural as working with data is today.

Our solutions help companies achieve better results through efficient communication processes, their measurement and control.

Additional information
  • OptimSys provided BroadSoft with excellent software and we have an on-going business relationship for over 7 years now. I recommend OptimSys as an excellent business partner.

    Stephane Bastien, Manager, Media Services Development, BroadSoft Inc.

  • OptimSys implemented business telephone system OptimCall in our company and integrated telephony with our help desk. The solution increased quality of our support, increased user's comfort and provided control over our phone communication.

    Ing. Vladimír Matoušek, CTO, ODP – software, spol. s r.o.

OptimSys provides solutions and technologies worldwide

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